SX3 Sports LLC - SX3 Gloves Inferior glove quality, terrible customer service..Absolutely does not care about customer satisfaction! San Antonio Texas

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I ordered a deal that SX3 gloves was offering, 2 for 1 gloves for Christmas.I placed the order with ease one infielders glove and a catchers glove, they took my money of course and then the wait which took approximately six weeks.

I finally received the gloves and WOW is all I can say as to how terrible the quality of these two gloves are. The colors are faded, the stamping looks a if it was done over and over which is uneven and blurred. The holes for the lacing are mostly jagged and torn into the leather. They are stitched imperfect so you cannot get your fingers in the pockets.

The infielders glove is flimsy and the white looks very worn and faded, the catchers glove is completely mis-shaped. I would not embarrass my son with these gloves nor myself. It is apparent that they do not care about product quality when making gloves for this deal. After contacting them by phone which they never answer or return calls and sending countless emails they have completely refused to remake these gloves or ultimately refund my money.

I also ordered a close-out glove they had listed on the website. I ordered a adult 11.5" infield glove, I received a 10.75" childs glove in which my hand would obviously not fit into. I contacted them and they said they would ship the correct replacement, they never did. Finally after countless emails trying to find out where the replacement was I was told it was never sent and I would have to return this glove first.

At this point I just asked for a refund and to be reimbursed for the freight, which they agreed. I shipped the glove back on December 11th. On December 19th I again emailed them asking where my refund was and they stated they never received the glove. I track the package and it was delivered on December 13th.

So today December 23rd I receive an email that they finally did receive the glove and I should receive a refund sometime this week minus a $35.00 restocking fee. I cannot believe they would charge a $35.00 restocking fee when they sent the wrong glove! Also the glove only cost $59.95 to begin with. I have never dealt with anyone or any company that treats their customers this way.

They have shown absolutely no remorse in the fact the gloves are un-acceptable and refuse in any way to make it right.DO NOT buy from this company..YOU will not be happy!

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